November 7, 2022

Peer-To-Peer infrastructure, Cashlink, brings back NGN to Binance

Cashlink, a peer-to-peer (P2P) payment platform that provides hassle-free cash in/out services for users, is now available on Binance.

Cashlink is a way for crypto users to get cash in and out of Web3 applications, allowing easy integration for platforms(crypto and non-crypto) that wants their users to onramp and offramp cash. With a pilot on Bundle Africa, Cashlink has processed over 1.7 million transactions in its first year.

One of Cashlink’s successful features as a payment channel is its proprietary matching algorithm, which uses machine learning and artificial intelligence to connect users with merchants. Also, it has an escrow system, which secures the transaction until both parties have fulfilled the deposit or withdrawal order ensuring safety when using the network. Another distinctive feature is that, unlike most peer-to-peer platforms, Cashlink transactions allow users of different platforms to hold cash balances in their wallets without needing to create a bank account.

As companies seek to expand in emerging economies with inadequate banking infrastructure or support, Cashlink will close this gap while providing a source of income for the local citizen who becomes a Merchant to support the network.

Paschal Okeke, Head of Operations also had this to say: “Cashlink has always been a platform that allows people to have more control over their money and thereby gives them the ability to profit from that process. That’s something we took into consideration while building this improved version. In offering “Cashlink as a service” to multiple platforms that ability multiplies exponentially for our merchants.

Liquidity is the foundation of a lot of businesses and that’s the foundation we used to build 2.0. As a business we can’t wait to help other platforms plug in and scale their businesses.”

According to the CEO of Bundle Africa, Emmanuel” Babz” Babalola, “Cashlink has been the ship in which Bundlers have been able to move cash in and out of their wallet. We created Cashlink to be the Uber for money, and it is a first-of-its-kind peer-to-peer network from the African ecosystem. It is changing the Web3 payment landscape and forging a new path for payment systems.”

Taking up this mantra, Cashlink is excited to announce that Binance, the largest blockchain ecosystem, will be the second platform to join the Cashlink network. They are also launching a new look and feel and will roll out more brand features as they grow.